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[Sharing] Large or multiple Compound Reports with NOBREAK, poor performance

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April 11, 2011, 11:55 PM
[Sharing] Large or multiple Compound Reports with NOBREAK, poor performance
I've been having problems with a set of PDF statements, and have tried many different solutions to try and get the performance a little quicker.

The statements are made up of several components that in most cases need to follow the previous component, i.e. a NOBREAK.

This particular statement run will produce 2,500 statements.

As mentioned in a previous post, I tried a compound layout to do the whole thing, and found an issue at component 10,001.

So I changed the process to only have small compound layouts. This started out great,
the first 100 or so statements were produced every 3 seconds, but as the processing moved on, the performance degradation increased until I had to kill the report after almost 24 hours and about 1500 statements.

I changed things around and made sure that all hold files going into the statement build were FOCUS files, as there was a big loop creating each statement one at a time.

This improved things marginally.

Next, changed the process to use the old COMPOUND OPEN/NOBREAK/CLOSE. This started very quick, but again the same degradation happened, and after a couple of hundred statements the degradation was worse than using the COMPOUND LAYOUT command.

Here is a graph of the performance of the 1500 statements.

Working on the idea that the old COMPOUND OPEN/NOBREAK/CLOSE is initially quicker, and that the current agent has some sort of issue with multiple or large compound documents that have NOBREAK functionality in it, I decided to try creating each statement in a new agent. This is done with a REMOTE DEST LOOPBACK, and some code.

The process goes...

Here is a graph of the performance with the new code for all 2500 statements.

And the comparison.

All 2500 were created within 3 hours.

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