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Hello -

I work on my predecessor's report that getting data from a HOLD file. The HOLD file needs to be updated before running the report based on the result (old data shown up). I could not find any documentation left for me. Would it be possible to trace back which fex generate that HOLD file? Otherwise, I might have to start that report from scratch.

Thank you.

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Do these fex files exist in the content area in the repository or in the application folders?

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Chuck Wolff - Focal Point Moderator
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it's not registered which .fex creates which HOLD file.

It could even be several fex that create or write to the same HOLD file...


You could query the repository and scan all sourcecode on that specific HOLD file name.

it should be in there somewhere.

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App and Dev Studio have a feature on master files to scan where that master is used named "Impact Analysis". That does the reverse of what you want.

Something feature to scan where a master is generated (if it is a HOLD-file), would be useful.

It happens frequently enough that we're looking in a procedure that someone else created, or one of our own that was created a while ago, that we're left searching.

We usually grep the *.fex files in the file system.

If you're stuck with the repository you can probably use a select with a like expression - if the field type used to store the fex in the DBMS in question permits that. BLOBs are often not very query-friendly, for example.

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From within App Studio (and Developer Studio) you can copy all the files (fex, mas, acx ...) to a Windows directory. I do this frequently to keep the previous versions before I change focexecs. You can then use a search tool to look for the focexecs(s) that create your hold file. I have had good luck with Agent Ransack.

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Thanks for the tip, Michael; I didn't know we could do that!

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Sorry for delay reply. I was out of office.

Chuck - I don't see the fex file that creating this HOLD file. I only see the fex that using this HOLD file to generate the report I want in the Content folder. The HOLD file is in EDASERVE\Application folder.

Dave - I checked that HOLD filename, but unfortunately no other filename being similar to that HOLD file.

Wep5622 - thanks for that tip. After using Impact analysis, all I see are fex files using that HOLD file, not the one creating it.

Michael - thanks for the advice. I will do this from now on. Sometimes I feel that files are disappeared for no reason. Maybe too many hands in the pot.

I will wait until my IT staff takes a look on this and his backup. If file is not found, I have no choice to recreate that fex file and mimic that output for that HOLD file.

Thank you all!

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It is possible that the HOLD file is created by a program that is not in the Repository, but on the reporting server - in one of the application folders. I would check there.


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Thank you Francis. I will ask IT to check that as well.

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Finally, after troubleshooting with IT, we found the fex file that generates that HOLD file. It was simply that I didn't have permission to see it before.

Thank you all for your time and suggestion to help me out.

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