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MSOLAP adapter woes
I want to share my experience with using (rather maintaining ) synonyms for data cubes on MS Analysis Services 2000 using IBI's MSOLAP adapter.

When we were on v532, it worked like a charm - except for cubes with long fieldnames, which is a valid limitation.

With v711, it introduced this limitation on SEGNAME for 8 charachters. So each time I had to go in and change both master & access files to truncate the field. ( Note : I donot beleive this limitation was documented; I was told to do this by the IBI rep who did the installation)

Finally with v716, this limitation has gone away, but none of the synonym files from v711 work i.e. they show up with no Sample Data.

Fair enough, so I re-generate synonyms, which shows that all synonyms were re-created successfully.

However when I go to the individual app folders, I see only a partial list of synonym files. It seems that the synonym generation process just quit in the middle i.e. at the first data cube that it could not process, but showed up as successful on the status.

There's another twist to this same scenario in our Prod environemnt, the synonym files get generated successfully i.e. I see the complete list of synonym files; but then my reports dont work. And when I goo look at the synonym files for those specific reports, sure enough they show up with no 'Sample Data'

One saving grace, however, is that re-generating thos specfic synonym files on a one-off basis seems to show 'Sample Data' as expected.

Am i stuck in some kind of twilight zone with this OLAp adapter or are there others who have faced the same issue?

I cant wait to see what happens when we move to v7.6 with data cubes on SQl Server 2005:-)
Posts: 10 | Location: TX | Registered: February 01, 2005Report This Post
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Hi Rohit,

One of our internal experts reviewed the topic and suggested that, since it is not a developer's issue, you should open a case for further assistance. To do so, you may either call at 1-800-736-6130, or access the online system InfoResponse at Here is a list of information to be ready when you call:

Hope this helps. Smiler



Kerry Zhan
Focal Point Moderator
Information Builders, Inc.
Posts: 1948 | Location: New York | Registered: November 16, 2004Report This Post
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Hello Rohit and Kerry.

We are trying to implement the data adapter for MSOLAP (or MSAS) 2005, and I cannot find much information about it on IB techsupport.

I see this post started a couple years ago, and I am wondering what ever came of this?

We have opened a case with techsupoort, but sure would like to here from someone who has "real world" experience with this adapter.

Software running on Win 2003 servers, All WebFOCUS products are version 7.6.4.

WebFOCUS 7.7.02
Window 2003 /32bit
Posts: 23 | Registered: April 04, 2007Report This Post
Platinum Member
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I believe it was first introduced in 7.6.4

hence the lack of documentation out there, from 7.6.2, it looks like it was beta only.

Hopefully support can provide you with more info.
Posts: 140 | Registered: May 02, 2007Report This Post
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