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Error Message Diagnosis
Gold member
When trying to save measure parameters that I need to change in the edit measures screen for a loaded measure, I receive the following error:

*** Database error. Could not update Measures Load Field Map information.

Any help appreciated.

PMF 5.1.1
Posts: 60 | Registered: December 30, 2008Report This Post
Gold member
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Hi jsp_lbf -

Without learning more about this situation it is difficult to say what is happening.

What has recently changed to this measure that caused this problem to appear? Did you perhaps just change the measure from a User Entered to a Loaded measure type, etc?

Are you able to drop and recreate this measure from scratch and if so does it fix the problem? Some improvements were made to this interface in the last release that you may want to look at upgrading to 512. The new upgrade process has made upgrading PMF releases painless.

Let us know what happens.

Posts: 57 | Registered: December 03, 2007Report This Post
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Here's some ideas to investigate:

-Check the a_hostname.fex in the pmfdata app folder. It needs to have your application server name in there.

-Make sure you are not loading any global site variables that might conflict with pmf, such as:


-confirm that you have proper permissions at the database level for the user that connects to the db

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you can view source on the error and tell me what it says. You may need to set tracing to all in the Manage tab | Settings panel button first.

-WebFOCUS 8.2.01 on Windows
Posts: 318 | Location: Los Angeles, CA | Registered: November 15, 2005Report This Post
Gold member
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I did in fact change the measure type from loaded to user-entered and then tried to return it to loaded.

I was hoping to avoid recreating from scratch, as I have 3 that are in this situation.
Posts: 60 | Registered: December 30, 2008Report This Post
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Darn, unfortunately switching modes for a measure is a known issue in 5.1.1. You'll either need an upgrade or to recreate them. Sorry about that.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

Posts: 919 | Registered: March 26, 2003Report This Post
Silver Member
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I'm fairly certain I had the same error a couple of weeks back -- If I remember correctly, it caused me to be locked me out of the load screen.

Sorry to have to tell you this, but I resolved by recreating as a new metric.

Do you have a database back up? You can take screen shots of this old version of how you set up the load the measure definitions. Then resynch to your current database version and use the screenshots as a guideline.

WF 7.65. Solaris. PMF 5.11 on Oracle 10g
Posts: 48 | Location: New York | Registered: March 25, 2009Report This Post
Gold member
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I can recreate. The measures are not that complex in design. I was merely trying to determine the cause of the error to see if it was an issue, or something that a user caused via an action.

Thank you to all for your prompt feedback.
Posts: 60 | Registered: December 30, 2008Report This Post
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